The Intelligent Navigation And Tracking Robot System

August 2, 2013 MCU, Tech 1 comment

Video for English watcher:

Video for Chinese watcher:(if it doesn’t work click here)

This project won:
1st Prize in Challenge Cup 2[……]

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My view on Data Mining and Machine Learning

June 17, 2013 Artificial Intelligence & Data Mining, Tech No comments ,

The Relationship Between Data Mining and Machine Learning
Its been a long time since I get to know about such concepts as: Data Mining, Machine Learn[……]

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JDK+MySQL+Tomcat+Eclipse+MyEclipse+Hadoop+Mahout Installation on Ubuntu 12.04

June 15, 2013 Artificial Intelligence & Data Mining No comments ,

Mahout integrates a lot of common machine learning algorithms which faciliates those who want to do some research in data mining. It is based on Java[……]

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Agent Based Video Recommendation Simulation Using Netlogo

May 11, 2013 Agent Based Simulation, Tech No comments

I’d spent two weeks on Netlogo Manual and a tutorial on youtube before I wrote this program. Netlogo is a good agent based simulation platform while i[……]

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Link R and Netlogo in Ubuntu

April 3, 2013 Agent Based Simulation, Pro_R No comments


Netlogo is a powerful platform for simulation while its mathimatical calculation is relatively poor comparing to some specific softwares. So it is[……]

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Andrew Ng’s Lecture @ Tsinghua U.

March 29, 2013 Tech No comments

Andrew Ng came to Beijing to give two lectures this Tuesday, one in Baidu and another in Tsinghua U.. And I was very lucky to go to his lecture in T[……]

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Get Started With ABS (Agent Based Simulation)

March 22, 2013 Agent Based Simulation No comments

ABS is short for Agent Based Simulation, or Agent Based Modeling. I was acknowledged to this from my tutor, Pro.Guo. She is doing some research in dat[……]

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ARM7 Controlled Robot

February 24, 2013 Embedded System 5 comments

Video:(if it doesn’t work please click here)

This is a smart car controlled by LPC2148, and its position can be detected by using Zigbee equipmen[……]

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February 20, 2013 Linux No comments

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February 20, 2013 Linux 2 comments








killall ibus-daemon     
ibus-daemon -d           ibus

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51-MCU Project: Range Finder

February 9, 2013 MCU No comments

This my MCU project for my MCU course last term. I spend a lot of time on it and I like it because it is simple but cool.

The CPU is MC89S51. It is[……]

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51-MCU Project: Canteen order device

February 9, 2013 MCU, Tech No comments

This is the first project I made using 51 series MCU, together with my two friends Pengfei Gao & Kang zhao.
We had fun

The clerk in our shool’s c[……]

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LAMP installation in Ubuntu 12.04

February 3, 2013 Linux No comments

LAMP means Linux + Apache + Mysql + PHP, which enables me to manage my website.

The installed software environment will be used in the Apache2 Web[……]

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2012 CUMCM

September 12, 2012 Mathematical Modeling No comments

This C++ program is to solve the B problem during the 2012 CUMCM. The goal is to make the most use of the outside floor of a house to place the solar[……]

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My Preliminary Plan On Mathematical Modeling

August 24, 2012 Mathematical Modeling No comments

There will be a competition in the autumn, so it’s time to make some preparation.

First of all, the use of Matlab and Lingo is necessary. Since I’m[……]

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