This is the presentation I gave in the 2013 TECO Green Tech International Contest World Final.
for English watcher:(YouTube)

for Chinese watcher:(Youku)

TECO Green Technology Contest is a contest organized by TECO Technology Foundation in Taiwan.

Our team built up a project called the Intelligent Navigation and Tracking System. It is multi-functional Robot based on the Zigbee wireless network which is very power-efficient and environmentally friendly. More Information about this project can be found in here


I am the captain of this team and I made the presentation for this project. At very beginning of the presentation, I asked a question that what do you think you can do with the power which can only light up a single LED light in this rapidly developing world of Internet of Things. And I answered that it is to drive a Zigbee Network System.


There are 28 teams in the final contest and they are from Taiwan, the mainland of China, Japan, Russia and Singapore. It was a good platform for students and professors in different places to communicate with each other. Since the organizer treated us with a two-day journey in Taiwan after the contest, so I had plenty time to get to know about the everyday life and the research interests of other competitors.


And this is my Finalists Certificates.

I treasured this experience in Taiwan. It was cool.