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This is a smart car controlled by LPC2148, and its position can be detected by using Zigbee equipments which is connected to a laptop which can display it.

The structure of the car model:

This is the Drivel Module and only after using it can the CPU control the engine.

We used six Zigbee sensors as a whole. We put four of them respectively on the four corners of a large square, one on the robot and the other one connected to the laptop.

On the screen, there are five circles. The four yellow one means the four sensors on the corners of the square mentioned above, and the green one is where the robot is.

This is the velocimetry sensor attached to the gear beside the engine. An iron disc with uniformly distributed gaps on it and a pair of Infrared tube sensors are used to make up of it. If we connect its output to the CPU, the CPU may calculate out the robot’s speed.

We spent a lot of time solving the problem of power supply. Finally, we decide to use different power source to support the engine and the CPU, which may reduce the noise.
This chip works perfectly to stabilize the voltage supplied.

We had fun making it, since it is really cool: )