51-MCU Project: Range Finder

February 9, 2013 MCU No comments

This my MCU project for my MCU course last term. I spend a lot of time on it and I like it because it is simple but cool.

The CPU is MC89S51. It is[……]

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51-MCU Project: Canteen order device

February 9, 2013 MCU, Tech No comments

This is the first project I made using 51 series MCU, together with my two friends Pengfei Gao & Kang zhao.
We had fun

The clerk in our shool’s c[……]

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LAMP installation in Ubuntu 12.04

February 3, 2013 Linux No comments

LAMP means Linux + Apache + Mysql + PHP, which enables me to manage my website.

The installed software environment will be used in the Apache2 Web[……]

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2012 CUMCM

September 12, 2012 Mathematical Modeling No comments

This C++ program is to solve the B problem during the 2012 CUMCM. The goal is to make the most use of the outside floor of a house to place the solar[……]

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My Preliminary Plan On Mathematical Modeling

August 24, 2012 Mathematical Modeling No comments

There will be a competition in the autumn, so it’s time to make some preparation.

First of all, the use of Matlab and Lingo is necessary. Since I’m[……]

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