Install R-Rattle on Ubuntu12.04 64bit

June 24, 2013 Pro_R No comments

If you have installed R in your Ubuntu and you need to some machine learning work on it, Rattle is recommended.

> install.packages(“RGtk2”)

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Link R and Netlogo in Ubuntu

April 3, 2013 Agent Based Simulation, Pro_R No comments


Netlogo is a powerful platform for simulation while its mathimatical calculation is relatively poor comparing to some specific softwares. So it is[……]

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Install R in Ubuntu 12.04 64 bit

April 2, 2013 Pro_R 1 comment


1. Update:
To obtain the latest R packages, add an entry like

deb http:///bin/linux/ubuntu raring/


deb http:///bin/linux/ubuntu[……]

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