Previous post: inspiRED Leg Upgrade [step 0]: Fusion360 model

I recently got inspiRED Leg version 1.0 ready for my humanoid bipedal robot project with some laser cutting parts designed with Fusion 360.

Here are all the old hand-crafted parts and the new laser cutting parts:


The white hand-crafted PVC parts are replaced with wood laser cutting parts.

The next step would be to replace the shock absorber with longer ones so that the leg can be “thinner”, which will look nicer and fix another issue so that the knee will not get stuck at a certain angle as shown in the figure below.

And other 3D printed parts including the red ankle and knee parts and the foot parts are going to be replaced with lasser cutting ones as well. Only a few little parts will require 3D printing so that the whole thing can be more stable and easy to make.