Good evening ladies and gentlemen:
Welcome to our enrollment meeting today. Its very happy to see so many freshmen here! Maybe some of you are sophomore, but that is all right. I joined this association when I was a sophomore because, as you know the Scientific English Association has just been established in the last semester.

We love speaking English, and we enjoy Scientific English. That is exactly the origin movement to set up this association. And I am the president of SEA. Besides that I almost forget to introduce myself. Im from the Electronic and Information Engineering School and my major is Telecommunication, which is quite hot. This is the third year of my college life.

First of all, let me guess what you want to get from here.
All right, English is the first thing that comes to my mind, we all study English in the middle school while most us are only equipped with the method to deal with the examinations but not to use it to express yourself, to communicate with others.
The second thing is of course the scientific knowletdge. Because we are a group of people who use English to share our ideas about science which is academic, professional and cool! We are not the ones who simply say Hello to each other in the English Corner and ask what is your name and how old are you, which is prepared for the pupils.
And the last thing I know is the ability of management and the art of leadership. If you can master a technology, say, designing electronic circuits, then you may become an expert in the future while it will be hard for you to be a real leader who can get a whole team under control, like Steve Jobs.

And all above are the 3 essential elements for you and will definitely lay a far-reaching influence on your future. Needless to say, the Scientific English Association will provide you with all the things above. It was, as I mentioned, established in May 2012. Though it is young, it is creative, vibrant and dynamic at the same time. At the same time, SEA is supported by many teachers and administrators of Electronic and Information Engineering School and that of BJTU. Abundant opportunities and resources are prepared here for you.

We have 5 departments as a whole which means you have diverse choices here.
After my speech, each department will have a brief introduction of themselves.

We are looking forward to your enrollment.