December 18th, 2012, the the EE School International cocktail party was held in the multi-purpose hall of the Students Activity Center. International classmates, as well as some members of SEA of EE School, attended the event. Telecommunications Institute counselor Zhang Qi teacher was invited to attend the reception. And I’m the host of this party.

The cocktail party overall is divided into four parts.

Firstly, the cordial conversation by Zhang Qi teacher with international classmates and wished a complete success of the cocktail party.

Subsequently, outstanding student representatives of International Class, Zheng Qingqing and Wu Di, shared their experience of study and work. The also answered questions to the relative issues raised by the students.

The third part is a small game interactive sessions.

At last, abroad students expressed their greetings to the domestic students through video and shared their life experiences abroad.

The cocktail party is under the strong support of the EE school and sponsored by the English for Science and Technology Association. It is intended to build a platform for international classmates to communicate with each other. The attenders not learned the methods in English learning and study abroad, they also also accumulated valuable experience for their own future development wealth through th communication with other senior students.