Today is the debut for my new blog: And Im so happy about that. Ive always been dreaming to have my own website. This would be a blog of an telecommunication engineer who loves algorithm and rock music. Anyway, thanks to Tsenmus tech- support and his server~

This blog will be an inherit of I had a good time at CSDNs blog, but now is the time to find a place of my own. This new blog will contain four main categories: Algorithm, Tech, Words & Music, Work & Life, which may be change some time later.

Algorithm will be a collection of programming algorithm study experience and some interesting problems solving report.

Tech is the page for Single-Chip Microcomputer, Embedded System, Linux, Internet and etc..

Words and Music may be the most interesting part. I love reading literature and history related books. At the same time, Im a rock music fan. So some critics to books and music will be included.

Work and Life is where I write about my sentiment about my work in some clubs and students associations and some essay in the daily life.